International Students Getting PR In Canada

Temporary public policy to facilitate the granting of permanent residence for foreign nationals in Canada


In November 2020, Canada announced a target of 401,000 admissions of new permanent residents in 2021 as part of its 2021-2023 Immigration Levels Plan. In light of the extended border closures and challenges in admitting new permanent residents from overseas, it is important to further consider temporary residents currently in Canada who could contribute to economic immigration objectives. These foreign nationals are already employed in Canada and are contributing to the labour market, consistent with the goals of Canada’s economic immigration programming. In granting permanent residence to these individuals who have work experience in critical occupations, Canada will benefit from their skills and abilities over the long-term. In the absence of this public policy, it is unlikely that Canada would be in a position to attain the ambitious level of newcomers necessary to help support the country’s economic recovery and growth.

Conditions (eligibility requirements) applicable to family members in Canada:

In-Canada family members of a principal applicant who applies for permanent residence under this public policy are eligible to be granted permanent residence pursuant to this public policy if they meet the following conditions:

  1. the foreign national is in Canada;
  2. the foreign national has been included as an accompanying family member in an application for permanent residence by a principal applicant under this public policy;
  3. the foreign national meets the definition of a “family member” in subsection 1(3) of the Regulations;
  4. the foreign national is not inadmissible pursuant to the Act and Regulations; and
  5. a delegated officer has determined that the principal applicant meets all conditions (eligibility requirements) to receive permanent residence pursuant to this public policy.

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