Visitor visa OR Tourist visa

Canada is a favorite destination for millions of travelers each year; be it winter, summer or falls, the charm of this country is extraordinary. People who are looking to visit Canada for a holiday, to visit family, or to conduct any business, should apply for a Visa before they arrive in Canada.

You may need a visitor visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization depending on your home country.

Noor Immigration & Citizenship Services will help you in getting your visa no matter you are applying for the first time or you have previous refusals


You can apply to study in Canada as an international student, extend your study permit and work while you studying or after you graduate.

Canada is one of the favorite choices for international students as Canadian education is considered one of the best in the world. Canada offers post study open work permit to the students who have studied in eligible DLIs (i.e. publicly funded). We can help you in choosing a school, college or university; and get your admission done.

Note: Do not give up if your Study visa is refused. Being Professional Immigration consultant we will study your case and give the Best Advice to make your Canadian dream true.


Noor immigration & Citizenship services Inc. offer various services which can help you in getting Canadian permanent residency

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